Badhuset 1989 60f 576p 720p Badehuset

Badhuset 1989 60f 576p 720p Badehuset - Swedish, Russian, Sub: English, Sub: French, Sub: Russian,

Set in the WWII era, the story tells of a boy in a small village who befriends three girls around his age. One day he discovers a young couple sneaking into an old and cracked bathing shack and decides to alert his new friends. When the kids join up at the shack, the eldest girl comes up with the idea to lock the couple inside, threatening not to let them out until they "do it" and allow the kids to watch from the outside. And so begins the psychological warfare...

Information about the film:
Original Title: Badhuset
Country, Channel: Sweden, Stiftelsen Svenska Filminstitutet, Sveriges Television AB TV2, Dramatiska Institutet,
Release Date: 1989
Genres: Short, Drama, Adventure,
Creator: Marcelo Racana
Cast: David Blom, Sara Alström, Maria von Bredow, Johan H:son Kjellgren, Lena Nilsson, Anne Lindberg, Jan Abramson, Thomas Roos, Anna von Bredow, Cecilia Drott
Runtime: 38min
Language: Swedish, Russian, Sub: English, Sub: French, Sub: Russian,

Quality: DVR MKV 576p 720p 1.25Gb 60f

Ben Loke'ah Bat 1982 60f 480p Boy Takes Girl, Tempos Inocentes

Ben Loke'ah Bat 1982 60f 480p Boy Takes Girl, Tempos Inocentes - English, Hebrew, Sub: Russian

Two doctors from Tel Aviv join 'Doctors Without Borders' and travel to Thailand to help out refugees. They leave their daughter, Aya (aged 10) at a kibbutz where the children are housed by age, but not gender. Not only does she have to get used to dealing with a lot of children, making friends and enemies, she has to get used to sharing her room with boys. And sharing the showers with them too.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Ben Loke'ah Bat
Country, Channel: Israel
Release Date: 1982
Genres: Biography, Drama
Creator: Michal Bat-Adam
Cast: Gabi Eldor, Ilan Dar, Shai Golan, Gill Dontchevsky, Ayala Fiszel
Runtime: 88min
Language: English, Hebrew, Sub: Russian

Quality: TVR MKV 480p 1.7Gb 60f

Crows 1994 Wrony 60f 480p 720p - (Lang: Hungarian, Polish, Sub: English, Russian)

Wrony (Crows) 1994 Polish (English Subtitles) 480p 720p

A crow is a raucous, abrasive, unloved bird, and an apt nickname for the lead character in Dorota Kedzierzawska's Crows -- a 9-year old girl who possesses all of the above characteristics (although the first two could be the result of the third). This short and simple film is beautiful not only in its emotionally-honest story but in its cinematography, which won an international award.

Crows is about the basic human need for companionship and love, and echoes the age-old theme that no person is an island. The Crow (as the protagonist is referred to) is routinely scorned by her schoolmates and ignored by a mother who's always too tired for her. Eventually, wanting some sort of family life of her own, the Crow kidnaps a 3-year old child and attempts to leave Poland by sea. Most of the film centers around the relationship between these two girls as the older one recognizes that being a parent entails more than giving and receiving love.

Director Dorota Kedzierzawska has done a marvelous job of coaxing unaffected performances from her young actors. The movie works because these children are believable. Their relationship is fraught with all the complications and complexities one might expect when a 9-year old with limited patience seeks an outlet for a wellspring of untapped love. Crows has a style perfectly wedded to its plot: fresh, bright, and touching.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Wrony
Country, Channel: Poland
Release Date: 1994
Genres: Drama
Creator: Dorota Kedzierzawska
Cast: Karolina Ostrozna, Katarzyna Szczepanik, Malgorzata Hajewska, Anna Prucnal, Ewa Bukowska
Runtime: 63min
Language: Hungarian, Polish, Sub: English, Russian

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 720p 1.7Gb 60f