Bare skyer beveger stjernene 1998 60f 720p 480p Only Clouds Move the Stars

Bare skyer beveger stjernene 1998 60f 720p 480p Norwegian, Sub: English

Eleven-year-old Maria loses her little brother to cancer. Her mother retreats into deep depression; her father attempts to keep the family emotionally afloat. Sent to her grandparents' home for the summer, Maria meets Jacob, also an eleven-year-old, but with a completely different attitude to life and loss - he is an outgoing, adventurous latch-key kid with wisdom way beyond his tender years. Their budding friendship helps Maria reach out to her mother so that they can mourn and heal together.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Bare skyer beveger stjernene
Country, Channel: Norway
Release Date: 1998
Genres: Drama, Family
Creator: Torun Lian
Cast: Thea Sofie Rusten, Jan Tore Kristoffersen, Anneke von der Lippe, Eindride Eidsvold, Jørgen Langhelle
Runtime: min
Language: Norwegian, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 720p 480p 2.6Gb 60f

Sommerjubel 1986 60f 480p Summer Fun

Sommerjubel 1986 60f 480p Summer Fun - Norwegian, Russian, Sub: English

Feelings like love and sexual curiosity are a part of growing up. The transformation from child to adolescent is an exciting time. In this joyful film we follow a group of 10-year old kids over a few weeks in the summer, where many things are starting to change in their lives. The film is based on a novel by Rune Belsvik. The story-line is quite simple – the summer adventures and discoveries of several 10-year-old kids. They go skinny dipping (isn’t it too cold for that in Norway?), play together and discover the wonders and confusions of growing up and changes in the way they perceive the opposite sex (girls are not that gross after all, are they?). As a separate plot line, we follow the father of a pair of brothers falling in love with their teacher. That provides for a sweet, but comic, parallel about falling in love at any age (the confusion and red cheeks seem to me to be permanent throughout life).

Information about the film:
Original Title: Sommerjubel
Country, Channel: Norway
Release Date: 1986
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama
Creator: Alexander Røsler
Cast: Joakim Kock, Lasse Edvardsen, Camilla Sletten
Runtime: 43min
Language: Norwegian, Russian, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 826mb 60f

Ronja Rövardotter 1984 60f 720p - (Lang: Swedish, Sub: English)

Ronja Rövardotter 1984 60f 720p - (Lang: Swedish, Sub: English)

Borka and his band and Mattis's band of robbers are rivals. Birk, his parents and their band live in the wild in Mattisforrest. They move in to Metis-stronghold, which belonged to his ancestors, in an attempt to escape being caught by the king's men. The children have to learn to live in the woods. During a storm, lightening strikes and physically divides a castle in two, as well as the loyalties of its inhabitants. Years later, a girl (Hanna Zetterberg) from one side of the fortress and a boy (Dan Hafstroem) from its other, both about twelve years old, become friends and run off into the wilderness when their parents try forcing them apart. Might these youngsters bring everyone back together again by the time the ending credits roll?

Original Title: Ronja Rövardotter
Country, Channel: Sweden, Norway
Release Date: 1984
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Family, Fairy tale, Tale
Creator: Tage Danielsson
Cast: Hanna Zetterberg, Dan Hеfstrom, Borje Ahlstedt, Lena Nyman, Allan Edwall, Per Oscarsson, Med Reventberg, Ulf Isenborg, Henry Ottenby, Björn Wallde, Tommy Körberg, Rune Andersson, Claes Janson, Bo Bergstrand, Rolf Dahlgren
Runtime: 121min
Language: Swedish, Sub: English

Quality: BDR MKV 720p 3.07Gb 60f