Olyan, mint otthon 1978 Just Like Home 60f 480p

Olyan, mint otthon 1978 Just Like Home 60f 480p

In this study of the relationship between a man and a little girl, Mészáros's growing interest in exploring the male psyche from a woman's point of view is evident. Andras, an ex-professor who has just returned to Hungary from living in America, is egotistical, grumpy, and in culture shock; but to the small Zsuzsa he represents a possibility for escape and freedom — and the father she always wanted.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Olyan, mint otthon
Country, Channel: Hungary
Release Date: 1978
Genres: Drama
Creator: Martha Meszaros
Cast: Zsuzsa Czinkóczi, Jan Nowicki, Anna Karina, Ildikó Pécsi, Kornélia Sallay, Ferenc Bencze, Mária Dudás
Runtime: 104min
Language: Hungarian

Quality: VHSR MKV 480p 1.74Gb 60f

Crows 1994 Wrony 60f 480p 720p - (Lang: Hungarian, Polish, Sub: English, Russian)

Wrony (Crows) 1994 Polish (English Subtitles) 480p 720p

A crow is a raucous, abrasive, unloved bird, and an apt nickname for the lead character in Dorota Kedzierzawska's Crows -- a 9-year old girl who possesses all of the above characteristics (although the first two could be the result of the third). This short and simple film is beautiful not only in its emotionally-honest story but in its cinematography, which won an international award.

Crows is about the basic human need for companionship and love, and echoes the age-old theme that no person is an island. The Crow (as the protagonist is referred to) is routinely scorned by her schoolmates and ignored by a mother who's always too tired for her. Eventually, wanting some sort of family life of her own, the Crow kidnaps a 3-year old child and attempts to leave Poland by sea. Most of the film centers around the relationship between these two girls as the older one recognizes that being a parent entails more than giving and receiving love.

Director Dorota Kedzierzawska has done a marvelous job of coaxing unaffected performances from her young actors. The movie works because these children are believable. Their relationship is fraught with all the complications and complexities one might expect when a 9-year old with limited patience seeks an outlet for a wellspring of untapped love. Crows has a style perfectly wedded to its plot: fresh, bright, and touching.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Wrony
Country, Channel: Poland
Release Date: 1994
Genres: Drama
Creator: Dorota Kedzierzawska
Cast: Karolina Ostrozna, Katarzyna Szczepanik, Malgorzata Hajewska, Anna Prucnal, Ewa Bukowska
Runtime: 63min
Language: Hungarian, Polish, Sub: English, Russian

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 720p 1.7Gb 60f

The Annunciation 1984 60f 480p Angyali üdvözlet - (Lang: Hungarian, Russian, Sub:English)

The Annunciation 1984 60f 480p Angyali üdvözlet - (Lang: Hungarian, Russian, Sub:English)

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve eats the forbidden fruit , because I do not think my life without true love. Expelled from Paradise wroth God , they fall under the power of the Devil - Lucifer ...
So begins the "Annunciation" , a stunning epic picture Andres Dzhelesa in which the most famous legend of mankind portrayed amazing kids play - the actors , at the age of eight to twelve years. The first part of the movie filmed in picturesque locations of southern Hungary. In the course of the film, 12 -year-old Adam , after the " descent to the ground " to become a general in Athens, members of the French Revolution, and witnessed the plague in London. Ultimately , Adam refuses to be ruled by Lucifer and tries to escape from the endless tinsel lovers, betrayal , violence, senseless brutality ...
Superbly shot with colorful awesome action movie that seems to deliberately engaged exclusively some young actors , in order to fully illustrate the horror and the illogic of our " earthly life " ...

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