Waterworld 1995 The Ulysses Cut Revised Edition 480p English

Waterworld 1995 The Ulysses Cut Revised Edition 400p English

In a future where the polar ice-caps have melted and Earth is almost entirely submerged, a mutated mariner fights starvation and outlaw "smokers," and reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl try to find dry land.
The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. Several different societies exist. The Mariner falls from his customary and solitary existence into having to care for a woman and a young girl while being pursued by the evil forces of the Deacon.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Waterworld
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 1995
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Creator: Kevin Reynolds
Cast: Tina Majorino, Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Dennis Hopper
Runtime: 178min uncut (135min cut)
Language: English

Quality: DVR MKV 400p 3Gb

The Blue Lagoon (Antology) (1980, 1991, 2012) 60f 720p - (Lang: English)

The Blue Lagoon (Antology) (1980, 1991, 2012) 60f 720p  - (Lang: English)

In the Victorian period, two children are shipwrecked on a tropical island in the South Pacific. With no adults to guide them, the two make a simple life together, unaware that sexual maturity will eventually intervene. On a journey to San Francisco, Richard, his father and cousin Emmeline find themselves on a ship about to explode. Rushed to a lifeboat with Paddy Button, the two children escape while their father (and uncle) are on another lifeboat. In the chaos following, the lifeboats are separated. Paddy, Richard and Emmeline find themselves with no food and no water stuck in the middle of nowhere. After some time, the three come across an uncharted paradise, where Paddy quickly teaches the children fishing, hunting and building. After maybe a month or two, Paddy gets very drunk off a barrel of rum found on the island when they first arrive, and drowns in the middle of the night. Emmeline and Richard, now alone and very scared, move location and rebuild their island home. Many years later, the two young teenagers have developed a very real home, but hormones and feelings between the two strain their friendship, until Richard, who is still very determined to reach San Francisco, . . Rip by Ahsoka List: The Blue Lagoon 1980 Return to the Blue Lagoon 1991 Blue Lagoon: The Awakening 2012

Original Title: The Blue Lagoon
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 1980, 1991, 2012
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Creator: Randal Kleiser
Cast: Brooke Shields, Christopher Atkins, Leo McKern, William Daniels, Elva Josephson, Glenn Kohan, Alan Hopgood, Gus Mercurio, Jeffrey Kleiser, Bradley Pryce, Chad Timmerman, Gert Jacoby, Alex Hamilton, Richard Evanson
Runtime: 105min
Language: English
Episodes: 3

Quality: WEBHD MKV 720p 6.88Gb 60f

Piccole labbra 1978 60f 480p Historia de Eva - (Lang: English, Italian)

Piccole labbra 1978 60f 480p Historia de Eva - (Lang: English, Italian)

Piccole labbra (Historia de Eva) - A writer returns home from World War I. He has developed a very bad case of post traumatic stress disorder. His genitalia was also blown away during the war. He contemplates suicide, but becomes interested in the 12 year old niece of the innkeeper at the place where he is recuperating. He doesn't seem to mind that he is spending so much time with her. He becomes deeply infatuated with her, but can't physically consummate any kind of relationship with her. She brightens his day, but her sexuality is just beginning to bud. When she begins to prefer a male closer to her age than the writer, the finality of the plot is set.

Original Title: Piccole labbra
Country, Channel: Italy, Spain
Release Date: 1978
Genres: Drama
Creator: Mimmo Cattarinich
Cast: Pierre Clémenti, Katya Berger, Ugo Bologna, Michele Soavi, Raf Baldassarre, Jose Luis Lopez Vazquez, Barbara Ray, Tom Fellegi, Cesare Di Vito, Walter Kolombayoni
Runtime: 75min
Language: English, Italian

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 1.26Gb 60f

Parent to Child About Sex 1966 USA Documentary

Parent to Child About Sex 1966 USA Documentary

This instructional film teaches parents how to talk to their children about sex. Parent to Child about Sex (Color, 1965, excerpt) A rabbi, a priest, and a psychologist want you to talk to your child about sex! No, it's not a raunchy joke, it's the basis of this Mad Men-styled sex- education short. Frank discussions amongst the panel on topics like wet dreams and menstruation give way to melodramatizations of the kind of sex-education every pubescent child needs.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Parent to Child About Sex
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 1966
Genres: Documentary
Creator: Stuart M. Finch
Cast: Mary Calderone, Tommy N. Evans, Stuart M. Finch
Runtime: 30min
Language: English

Quality: VHSR FLV 240p 70Mb
Quality: VHSR MKV 480p 538Mb 60f