L'effrontée 720p 60f Charlotte & Lulu 1985 French, Sub: English

Charlotte (Gainsbourg) is being raised without a mother. She is only 13 but ready to be an adult. She meets an older boy and begins a relationship while teaching a young friend about life and learning the ropes herself.
This is the simple story of Charlotte (played with effortless ease and considerable verve by Charlotte Gainsbourg), a girl of thirteen or fourteen who is unhappy with her lot. The school holidays are approaching and she is not going away for a month - not until August. She has nothing to do. She hates her peer group, so doesn't hang with them. She hates the fact that no one at home takes her seriously. Her only friend is Lulu (Julie Glenn), a younger girl with a weak disposition.
On one of the last days of school she sees a video of Clara Bauman (Clothilde Baudon), a child prodigy. On the video, Clara is playing Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto. Charlotte finds out that she and Clara are the same age, and that Clara is coming to town to play a concert.

Original Title: L'effrontée
Country, Channel: France
Release Date: 1985
Genres: Drama,
Creator: Claude Miller
Cast: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Clothilde Baudon, Julie Glenn,
Runtime: 96min
Language: French, Sub: English,

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Mitt liv som hund 1985 60f 720p My Life as a Dog

Mitt liv som hund 1985 60f 720p My Life as a Dog Swedish, Russian, Sub:English

In 1959 Sweden, young Ingemar (Anton Glanzelius) lives with his dying mother and his nasty older brother. He survives all of life's knocks by comparing himself to those who are worse off--such as Laika, the little Russian space dog who was rocketed to his death and had nothing to say in the matter. Ingemar begins to identify with Laika more and more as his mother's health deteriorates, at times dropping to all fours and baying at the moon. When his mother is advised to get some peace and quiet away from her children, Ingemar is sent to live with his loveable uncle and aunt. For the first time, the boy is surrounded by relatives and classmates who pose no threat and who genuinely like him. He even has a sexual awakening. When his mother dies, he no longer rationalizes his misfortunes by comparing himself to those less fortunate; from now on, he can conjure up pleasant memories of his summer away from home to sustain him through the hard times. My Life as a Dog (Mitt Liv Som Hund) is based on the autobiographical novel by Reidar Jonsson. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

Information about the film:
Original Title: Mitt liv som hund
Country, Channel: Sweden
Release Date: 1985
Genres: Drama, Comedy
Creator: Lasse Hallström
Cast: Anton Glanzelius, Tomas von Brömssen, Anki Lidén, Melinda Kinnaman, Kicki Rundgren
Runtime: 102min
Language: Swedish, Russian, Sub:English

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Gritta vom Rattenschloß 1985 60f 720p 480p Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns - (Lang: German)

Gritta vom Rattenschloß 1985 60f 720p 480p Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns - (Lang: German)

The tale of young Gritta who lives with her father, an unsuccessful inventor. When her new stepmother tries to put her away in a convent she discovers some dark secrets there. Based on the book Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns by Christa Kozik. A man striving to make a machine for the king marries a woman since, in the long-run, he feels this will better assist him with the invention. Soon, thereafter, the new wife sends the fellow's one-and-only daughter (Nadja Klier), roughly thirteen, to a nunnery. There, the lass learns of a plot against the king and escapes with some other girls in an attempt to warn him. While in route, the land's prince is encountered; he falls in love with our young heroine but must learn to accept that she is also fond of another male peer. A unique, interesting adventure/fantasy made in East Germany shortly before the end of the Communist regime. "Rattenzuhausbeiuns," by the way, is translated "Rats-at-home-by-us."

Original Title: Gritta vom Rattenschloß, Gritta von Rattenzuhausbeiuns
Country, Channel: East Germany
Release Date: 1985
Genres: Tale, Fantasy
Creator: Jurgen Brauer
Cast: Nadja Klier, Hermann Beyer, Suher Saleh
Runtime: 80min
Language: German

Quality: HDTV MKV 720p 1.9Gb 60f