Nackt / Naked (2002)

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Category: Millenium 2001-2010
Tags: Comedy, Drama

Nackt / Naked (2002)

Nackt / Naked (2002)

Emilia and Felix have separated some time ago, at Charlotte and Dylan (crumbling) the facade of the marital living together already and only Annette and Boris still seem to lead a healthy relationship. All six are friends and are found to eat in Charlotte and Dylan’s apartment. From a lively discussion then develops a bet: Felix claims that the two couples would not see naked and blindfolded again. After a slight hesitation to go Charlotte, Annette, Boris and Dylan finally on a bet …

Spoken language: German
Texted language: English
Starring Ms. Nina Hoss
Genre: Comedy, Drama

This movie looks at a new way for couples to swing -
play a game where they have to figure out if the naked person they are
feeling up - is indeed their own partner - or a different partner as it were.

What an idea! If only it were sensible in this age of so-called "equals"

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