The Last Winter 1989 English 720p 60f (added cut part 4min)

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Category: Kids Actors
Tags: Drama 1989 Aaron Kim Johnston Canada Gerard Parkes Joshua Murray David Ferry Wanda Cannon Nathaniel Moreau Katharine Isabelle Marsha Moreau English

The Last Winter 1989 English 720p 60f (added cut part 4min)

The Last Winter 720p 60f (added cut part 4min)

Tells the story of a young man's struggle to keep his world from changing. Placed in the rural setting of the mid 1950s, it revolves around William Jamison and his colorful old Grampa Jack. Since Will was born, they have shared the same bed and often the same dreams. William is a boy of great imagination who stumbles between fantasy and reality and who, with the gentle guidance of Grampa Jack, discovers they can be one and the same. The family farm, on a rolling piece of spacious countryside, is William's favorite spot on the face of the earth. He is devastated to learn of the family's decision to move to the city, far away from his friends and the love of his life, his cousin Kate. He revolts at the threat of being uprooted and desperately fights to hold on to the only life he has known . - childhood.

Original Title: The Last Winter
Country, Channel: Canada
Release Date: 1989
Genres: Drama
Creator: Aaron Kim Johnston,
Cast: Gerard Parkes, Joshua Murray, David Ferry, Wanda Cannon, Nathaniel Moreau, Katharine Isabelle, Marsha Moreau,
Runtime: 98min
Language: English

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