Women in Cell Block 9 (1977)

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Women in Cell Block 9 (1977)

Women in Cell Block 9 (1977)

Description: The film Women in Cell Block 9 was made by famous Jess Franco – Barbed Wire Dolls and Fury in the Tropics

A group of girls led by Karin Lever falls to the women’s concentration camp in one of the Latin American countries. The warden and Dr.a – both cruel maniacs – need the names and connected underground hiding places and they can’t be stopped by nothing. Torture is becoming more violent, being replaced by non-human sexual violence. Deceiving the lustful guard, the girls in the buff run into the jungle to find there new torture and possibly death.

Women in Cellblock 9 follows a group of girls captured and sent to a tropical prison. In there, a female warden and the sadistic Dr. Costas (Vernon) torture them in various sexual ways…The film Frauen für Zellenblock 9 was rejected for a DVD certificate in February 2004 in the United Kingdom by the BBFC over sexual violence being eroticized, and indecent images of a 17 y old girl.

Year: 1977
Duration: 01:17:52
Directed by: Jess Franco
Actors: Susan Hemingway, Karine Gambier, Howard Vernon
Language: English
Country: Switzerland
Action, Crime, Drama

Also known as: Frauen für Zellenblock 9, Tropical Inferno, Cellule 9, Des femmes pour le bloc 9, Esclaves de l’amour, Flucht von der Todesinsel, Una secondina in un carcere femminile

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Prison van full of young beauties slowly Tropical dusty road. At the end of the path he will face prison warden Howard Vernon and crazy matron. Girls who are driven to them, loudly called “predatelnitsai state,” the truth of what is the “state” we will never know. In any case, Captive will have to pay for their sins. They throw in a sinister chamber number 9, where they fall in the experienced hands of Vernon, who states that make women prisoners to tell everything that they know. The role of executioner Vernon is probably one of the best in the whole picture, is considered one of the most sophisticated on the part of the torture, cruel and full of fascinating spectator scenes, including captive spitted on a huge rhino horn! Although this film is not the money flowed the river, you will never forget the final scene – the two ways of torture survivors among the fugitives who sought to escape the monsters, jailers, fall pierced by bullets, you hear the voice of the guard, saying that the soldiers can do with the bodies of girls, all that we desire. The camera slowly turns away, showing a magnificent panorama, slowly floating clouds, and at the same time you notice as standing next to the dead soldiers unbutton his pants …

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