Anything for John (1993)

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Anything for John (1993)

Anything for John (1993)

An intimate portrait of actor-writer-director John Cassavetes and a loving tribute to his genius for studying and depicting the human character. In-depth, candid interviews with his wife and muse Gena Rowlands as well as his most trusted friends and co-workers like Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara, Seymour Cassel, etc. Clips from Cassavetes’ greatest films, and many rare photos illustrate this touching documentary.

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John Cassavetes is surely one of the most important American film makers. Besides being the Godfather of independent American cinema (without which the American film industry would have become stagnant long ago), he also brought a great deal of emotion and evident passion to the projects that he produced.

T^his documentary uses a series of talking heads to look at both Cassavetes the man, and Cassavetes the film maker. Like Cassavetes, the film makers allow the camera to linger perhaps longer than a normal documentary maker would, capturing moments that would usually be edited out, like Peter Falk tucking in his shirt before being interviewed, or Gena Rowlands offering food to her guests, but what it also does is give the stories that these people are telling more validity and heart.

The host of people interviewed are those who worked with Cassavetes throughout his career, and they speak very highly of the man, both in technique and general demeanour. This was a man who was prepared to upset actors to get better performances out of them, but who ultimately loved him for it. He was a kind man and a man who believed in the art he was creating.

It's a very touching film, and many of the guests are simply wonderful storytellers, in particular Peter Falk, who as anyone who has read his autobiography will know, is very enigmatic and is a very engaging speaker.

The final story we are told comes from Falk. He tells us that toward the end of his life Cassavetes was being interviewed. He was asked how he felt, knowing that his last picture would not be one that he himself wrote. He Said that it was fine, it was an easy shoot, less stress and enjoyable. After a considerable pause he said "It was Tough, but it was fun" The interviewer, clarifying, asked if he meant the film. Cassavetes replied "no. My life". This pretty much sums up the way that Cassavetes the man is portrayed, as someone who was full of love for those around him, always looking to the best in people and looking to get the best from life. It is this infectious passion that makes his films such engrossing viewing, and this documentary is a wonderful look at a wonderful man.

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