Walkabout 1971 60f 720p

Walkabout 1971 60f 720p English

Two young siblings are stranded in the Australian Outback and are forced to cope on their own. They meet an Australian boy on "walkabout": a ritual separation from his tribe. A privileged British family consisting of a mother, a geologist father and an adolescent daughter and son, live in Sydney, Australia. Out of circumstance, the siblings, not knowing exactly where they are, get stranded in the Outback by themselves while on a picnic. They only have with them the clothes on their backs - their school uniforms - some meagre rations of nonperishable food, a battery-powered transistor radio, the son's satchel primarily containing his toys, and a small piece of cloth they used as their picnic drop-cloth. While they walk through the Outback, sometimes looking as though near death, they come across an Australian boy who is on his walkabout, a rite of passage into manhood where he spends months on end on his own living off the land. Their largest problem is not being able to verbally communicate. The boy does help them to survive, but doesn't understand their need to return to civilization, which may or may not happen based on what the Australian boy ends up doing.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Walkabout
Country, Channel: UK, Australia
Release Date: 1971
Genres: Adventure, Drama
Creator: Nicolas Roeg
Cast: Jenny Agutter, David Gulpilil, Luc Roeg
Runtime: 100min
Language: English

Quality: BDR MKV 720p 2.48Gb 60f

The Boys of St. Vincent 1992 60f 480p English

The Boys of St. Vincent 1992 60f 480p English

The true story of boys being sexually abused at their orphanage ran by a religious community in Newfoundland. This movie is based on actual events, but it says it is not all about one specific incident. It documents St. Vincent's Orphanage in Canada, where many of the boys suffer physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of the brothers who run the facility. When the stories are surfaced and a police investigation is begun, religious and political groups work to silence the story to keep it from reaching the public.

Information about the film:
Original Title: The Boys of St. Vincent
Country, Channel: Canada
Release Date: 1992
Genres: Drama
Creator: John N. Smith
Cast: Henry Czerny, Johnny Morina, Brian Dooley, Philip Dinn, Brian Dodd
Runtime: 93min
Language: English

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 1.42Gb 60f

Sommerjubel 1986 60f 480p Summer Fun

Sommerjubel 1986 60f 480p Summer Fun - Norwegian, Russian, Sub: English

Feelings like love and sexual curiosity are a part of growing up. The transformation from child to adolescent is an exciting time. In this joyful film we follow a group of 10-year old kids over a few weeks in the summer, where many things are starting to change in their lives. The film is based on a novel by Rune Belsvik. The story-line is quite simple – the summer adventures and discoveries of several 10-year-old kids. They go skinny dipping (isn’t it too cold for that in Norway?), play together and discover the wonders and confusions of growing up and changes in the way they perceive the opposite sex (girls are not that gross after all, are they?). As a separate plot line, we follow the father of a pair of brothers falling in love with their teacher. That provides for a sweet, but comic, parallel about falling in love at any age (the confusion and red cheeks seem to me to be permanent throughout life).

Information about the film:
Original Title: Sommerjubel
Country, Channel: Norway
Release Date: 1986
Genres: Short, Comedy, Drama
Creator: Alexander Røsler
Cast: Joakim Kock, Lasse Edvardsen, Camilla Sletten
Runtime: 43min
Language: Norwegian, Russian, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 826mb 60f

Voor een verloren soldaat 1992 60f 480p For A Lost Soldier

Voor een verloren soldaat 1992 60f 480p For A Lost Soldier - Dutch, Sub: English

Based on the autobiography by Rudi Van Dantzig, "For A Lost Soldier" takes place during the end of WW II in the Netherlands. It's the story of a young boy in Amsterdam whose parents send him to live in the country (Friesland) for his own safety. A family who had initially asked for a young girl ends up being young Jeroen's "adoptive" family. Jeroen is coming of age, being the tender age of 12, and is making discoveries on his own, especially his sexuality. He doesn't necessarily understand his feelings at first, until the arrival of the Canadian Liberators in 1945.
One particular soldier, Walt Cook, takes an interest in young Jeroen and a friendship blossoms between the two. Heit, Jeroen's adoptive father, sees that there is more to their friendship than meets the eye, and lets him know that he sees what's going on. This doesn't bother the other soldiers, however. In fact, as other soldiers are courting young girls in the village, so does Walt "court" young Jeroen. The two fall in love with each other, and a sexual relationship does indeed develop.
Perhaps it's Walt not wanting to face the hurt Jeroen will eventually face, but he fails to tell Jeroen that his platoon will be leaving. Jeroen is crushed when he realizes that Walt is gone the next day, and tries in vain as he searches the village for him.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Voor een verloren soldaat
Country, Channel: Netherlands
Release Date: 1992
Genres: Drama, Romance, War, Biography
Creator: Roeland Kerbosch
Cast: Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé
Runtime: 90min
Language: Dutch, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 480p 2.2Gb 60f

Ben Loke'ah Bat 1982 60f 480p Boy Takes Girl, Tempos Inocentes

Ben Loke'ah Bat 1982 60f 480p Boy Takes Girl, Tempos Inocentes - English, Hebrew, Sub: Russian

Two doctors from Tel Aviv join 'Doctors Without Borders' and travel to Thailand to help out refugees. They leave their daughter, Aya (aged 10) at a kibbutz where the children are housed by age, but not gender. Not only does she have to get used to dealing with a lot of children, making friends and enemies, she has to get used to sharing her room with boys. And sharing the showers with them too.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Ben Loke'ah Bat
Country, Channel: Israel
Release Date: 1982
Genres: Biography, Drama
Creator: Michal Bat-Adam
Cast: Gabi Eldor, Ilan Dar, Shai Golan, Gill Dontchevsky, Ayala Fiszel
Runtime: 88min
Language: English, Hebrew, Sub: Russian

Quality: TVR MKV 480p 1.7Gb 60f

Fiorile 1993 60f 720p 480p Wild Flower - Italian, Sub: English

Fiorile 1993 60f 720p 480p Wild Flower - Italian, Sub: English

In the orange groves of Italy, the Benedetti family preserves their time-honored ways, including the curse that has followed them for generations. In this provocative tale, greed, lust, romance and forbidden love stalk the unsuspecting members of this clan in a warmly nostalgic look at the process of history. - While travelling to visit their grandfather, two children are told the story of a family curse that has lasted two hundred years. During Napoleon's Italian invasion, Elisabetta Benedetti fell in love with French soldier Jean - but while Jean was distracted, Elisabetta's brother Corrado stole some gold that Jean was guarding, and set the curse in train. The Benedettis become wealthy, corrupt and hated by their former friends, who rename them the Maledettis - the cursed. The childrens' grandfather Massimo is the last man to be directly affected by the curse - but will he pass it onto them?

Information about the film:
Original Title: Fiorile
Country, Channel: Italy, France, Germany
Release Date: 1993
Genres: Drama
Creator: Paolo Taviani, Vittorio Taviani
Cast: Claudio Bigagli, Galatea Ranzi, Michael Vartan, Lino Capolicchio, Constanze Engelbrecht
Runtime: 120min
Language: Italian, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 720p 480p 2.66Gb 60f

Sanning eller konsekvens 1997 60f 720p 480p Truth or Dare

Sanning eller konsekvens 1997 60f 720p 480p Truth or Dare Swedish, Sub: English

In this Swedish film with semi-autobiographical elements from director Christina Olofson (Lines from the Heart), Nora 12yo (Tove Edfeldt) begins a new class at school, hoping for acceptance from the popular Fanny (Alexandra Dahlström) and Sabina (Emelina Lindberg-Filippopoulou), while overweight Karin (Anna Gabrielsson), bullied by the schoolgirls, attempts to become friends with Nora. After Fanny's stereo is stolen by Nora, Karin is accused, and Nora joins the group planning to punish Karin.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Sanning eller konsekvens
Country, Channel: Sweden
Release Date: 1997
Genres: Family, Drama
Creator: Christina Olofson
Cast: Tove Edfeldt, Anna Gabrielsson, Alexandra Dahlström, Emelina Lindberg-Filippoupoullou, Ellen Swedenmark
Runtime: 74min
Language: Swedish, Sub: English

Quality: DVR MKV 720p 480p 1.75Gb 60f

Tom and Lola 1990 60f 720p 480p Tom et Lola French, Sub:English

Tom and Lola 1990 60f 720p 480p Tom et Lola French, Sub:English

Their immune systems tragically damaged, Tom and Lola are a pair of beautiful children isolated since birth in hermetically sealed plastic bubbles. But isolated bubbles and distant hospital technicians cannot inhibit the beguiling spirit and supernatural bond between Tom and Lola , the indomitable protagonists of Bertrand Arthuy's enchanting French fantasy. Objects of endless medical probes, Tom and Lola watch TV and dream of a distant world - of ice and snow, penguins and whales, dogsled rides across the mountainous tundra. Their valiant efforts to breach their suffocating isolation -- a hilarious, often touching quest to reach Alaska -- form the heart and soul of this magical film. Time and again, Tom and Lola outsmart their keepers, escaping to explore a world where wonder and surprises exist around every corner. Miniature fugitives, they elude their captors in a race against time. Superbly mounted, touchingly scored and brilliantly observed, Tom and Lola is a visual treat for anyone who has ever appreciated - or forgotten - the charm and innocence of youth.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Tom et Lola
Country, Channel: France
Release Date: 1990
Genres: Sci-Fi, Drama
Creator: Bertrand Arthuys
Cast: Cécile Magnet, Marc Berman, Catherine Frot, Celian Varini, Neil Stubbs
Runtime: 92min
Language: French, Sub:English

Quality: WEB MKV 720p 480p 2.04Gb 60f

Olyan, mint otthon 1978 Just Like Home 60f 480p

Olyan, mint otthon 1978 Just Like Home 60f 480p

In this study of the relationship between a man and a little girl, Mészáros's growing interest in exploring the male psyche from a woman's point of view is evident. Andras, an ex-professor who has just returned to Hungary from living in America, is egotistical, grumpy, and in culture shock; but to the small Zsuzsa he represents a possibility for escape and freedom — and the father she always wanted.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Olyan, mint otthon
Country, Channel: Hungary
Release Date: 1978
Genres: Drama
Creator: Martha Meszaros
Cast: Zsuzsa Czinkóczi, Jan Nowicki, Anna Karina, Ildikó Pécsi, Kornélia Sallay, Ferenc Bencze, Mária Dudás
Runtime: 104min
Language: Hungarian

Quality: VHSR MKV 480p 1.74Gb 60f

Le petit garçon 1995 60f 720p French, Sub:English

Le petit garçon 1995 60f 720p French, Sub:English

Touching story of the boy who kept sincere belief in kind human feelings after difficult ordeals. During World War II, a French family hide a Jewish family in their home, although the area is occupied by the Germans. Matters are complicated when they are forced to accommodate a German general.

Information about the film:
Original Title: Le petit garçon
Country, Channel: France
Release Date: 1995
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Pierre Granier-Deferre
Cast: Jacques Weber, Brigitte Roüan, Stanislas Forlani, Ludmila Mikaël, Serge Reggiani
Runtime: 100min
Language: French, Sub:English

Quality: DVR MKV 720p 2.23Gb 60f